With 25 years of experience in graphic design, brand marketing, and event production, PacWest Display comes to the table with a unique perspective. Our business was built by serving the practical and strategic needs of brand & event managers of both large and small business . We know that printing is only the first step. That real success is an outcome that satisfies the requirements of every potential audience: our client, our client’s client, the brand or event production team, and the intended audience.

Our goal is to be one of your most knowledgeable, best resourced, large format graphics company in the business. With a solid list of reliable, long-term production partners across the U.S., PacWest Display has a full array of indoor and outdoor branding products at your disposable. We look forward to helping you solve your needs in a timely and cost effective partnership.

At PacWest Display we have an exclusive 20 year partnership with one of the major U.S. manufacture’s and operate as an extension of their sales team. Why work with us? Simple. We can provide custom artwork renderings quickly and in most cases offer a better price.

PacWest Display
A Division of Sommer & Associates
Meridian ID 83646
Toll Free: 833-WESTPAC (937-8722)